IATQuO Certification


IIATQuO (the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations) externally validates and moderates TEFL courses to ensure that they meet international standards and guidelines. TEFL Prestige has applied to IATQuO for validation and our application is now being processed.

All applicants can be assured of the highest standards and quality when they take our course.

Chief Moderator, Dr Alan Moller has been director of the English Language Service Department of the British Council incorporating, among other tasks, inspecting and advising language schools worldwide. He has written many of the British Council Test of English as a Foreign Language and played a major role in introducing the IELTS in 1989. Dr. Moller was also Chief Examiner for Trinity College of London.
For more information about IATQuO, contact admoller@iatquo.org


IATQuO www.iatquo.com

Students will receive a numbered certificate on successfully completing the course. 

TEFL (sometimes also referred to as TESOL), means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a TEFL certificate is the major qualification required to teach English abroad. There is a high demand for teachers around the world with opportunities in almost every country.