TEFL Language awareness

book_PNG2117The Language Awareness module will help you to understand and review how the English language is structured and used. Two key areas are covered: Grammar & Phonology

Review  of the basic grammar required to be an effective TEFL teacher :

  • verb tenses
  • auxiliary verbs
  • modals auxiliary verbs
  • conditionals
  • phrasal verbs
  • parts of speech
  • reported speech & passive structures
  • simple & complex sentences
  • article
  • etc.

These sessions provide you with useful tips to help you teach grammar in a communicative way.


  • consonant sounds & symbols (British & American English)
  • vowels sounds (English diphthongs & symbols)
  • word stress, weak forms & sentence stress
  • intonation & rhythm
Prior to the start of the TEFL course, we encourage you to revise your current knowledge of grammar. In order to help you with your revision, we will provide you with a reference for a recommended book of English grammar immediately after you have registered for the course. It is in your own interest that you familiarize yourself with this book before the start of the course. Therefore, please purchase it as soon as possible.