Welcome to TEFL Prestige, Orléans (France)


TEFL Prestige

is an English teacher training centre and is a division of “Prestige Interlanguage”, a recognized language school which provides high quality courses to business professionals, individuals and young learners.

The TEFL Prestige programme

The TEFL Prestige programme will give you the necessary skills and confidence to teach in an international English language classroom, and it will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding teaching career abroad.

Group of multi-ethnic young people having fun together outdoors

Advantage of joining our Tefl course

The Tefl course is an excellent experience and opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

M.Rubio, Managing Director

The Tefl Prestige programme will prepare you for a challenging teaching career abroad.

P.Doppelfeld, Job guidance

TEFL Prestige in France is the unique opportunity to learn how to teach English in a real language school