Why study with us?

TEFL Prestige is a trading division of Prestige Interlanguage, a well-known language school that provides professional, individuals and young learners with high quality language courses. Your TEFL course will take place in the modern and well equipped new premises of Prestige Interlanguage in a studious, yet relaxed environment. Studying in an existing language school will give you a real classroom teaching experience !


TEFL Prestige course is :

  • A 4-week intensive programme taught by highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers (140 hours)
  • 6 hours minimum of teaching practice with feedback sessions
  • Job guidance
  • An excellent experience and opportunity for personal growth and professional development
  • A key to see the world and teach English in any foreign country as well as the opportunity to find a rewarding job in France.
  • The advantage to perform directly in a real language school

Who is the TEFL course for?

The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course is aimed at people who wish to gain the necessary skills to enter a classroom with confidence, and have greater understanding of relevant techniques and teaching methodologies. Participants in the course will be better equipped and will gain  more opportunities to teach English in any country in the World. The TEFL course is an excellent opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

Hence, a TEFL course opens the door to:

  • being recognized as an effective teacher
  • having a better understanding of the learners’ needs
  • have more confidence in your teaching skills
  • professional development
  • a teaching abroad adventure
  • an insight onto the World
  • foreign cultures and lifestyles
  • more job opportunities
Course aims and objectives

Course Aims

  • to provide a thorough introduction to the theory and practice of teaching the English language to non-English speakers.
  • to provide students with new insights into language teaching, giving a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching to foreign young learners and adults (individuals and business professionals).
  • to provide both practical and theoretical aspects of English language teaching
  • to prepare the prospective teacher for a challenging and rewarding career abroad

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are:

  • for each student to be able to show a general understanding of teaching English to speakers of other languages
  • acquire a strong knowledge and a thorough understanding of the communicative approach to teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • identify learners’ needs in order to build appropriate lesson plans for them.
Course assessment

Course assessment

Completion of the TEFL Prestige course will be assessed as follows:

  • teaching practice (preparation and critical analysis)  => 50%
  • written assignments => 20%
  • Grammar and Phonology (two tests) =>  20%
  • Professionalism => 10%
  • All teaching practice is observed and assessed throughout the course.
  • All assessed components are given one of the following marks :

Very strong pass / Strong pass / Pass / Below pass

  • Trainees must maintain an overall passing average (PASS) for the teaching practice component of the course.
  • Trainees must maintain an overall passing average (PASS) for the non-teaching practice components as well.

On completion of the course, successful trainees will receive an official TEFL International Certificate together with a written assessment of their performance for potential employers.