Other Modules

Unknown Foreign Language

As part of the TEFL course, you will receive three hours total tuition in an unfamiliar foreign language. This exercise will make you aware of the difficulties faced by a student learning a new foreign language. You should be able to evaluate your experiences and to compare and to contrast your learning with your teaching.


  • to understand the difficulties of students learning a foreign language from scratch
  • to look at the lesson from the perspective of a trainee teacher
  • to see in practice some of the methodology and approaches to form and function that are introduced in other parts of the course.
  • to apply what you have learnt to your own teaching.
Written Assignments
During your 4 -week course, you will be asked to produce two written assignments. This will be on:.

Unknown foreign language observation task

Based on the unknown foreign language experience you will be expected to write up an overview of the course, together with your observations from  both a student’s and teacher’s perspective.

One-to-one Assignment

You will plan, teach and evaluate a lesson for a foreignstudent whose needs have been identified.

  • evaluation interview
  • assessment of the learner (biography& linguistic assessment)
  • lesson plan
  • summary of the lesson and the project
  • general programme of study for your student

Not only does this assignment give you a good grounding to methods of teaching private lessons, but it also shows you that evaluation of the students’ needs is essential for you to ensure that you meet those training needs.

Language awareness tests
In weeks 3 and 4, there are two language analysis tests on grammar, vocabulary and phonology. Prior to the tests you will receive all the relevant information required.

Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of English grammar, lexis and phonology.

You will need to demonstrate language awareness to be a certified TEFL teacher!

Lesson planning & teaching sessions

image2During these sessions you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with one of our trainers who will giveyou feedback and guidance on the lesson you have planned.

Teaching sessions

You teach a minimum of six lessons during the course.

Some of your lessons are graded by a trainer, and all lessons are observed by some of your peers with whom you have a feedback session after your class.

You must teach all lessons that have been scheduled !


Job guidance
During the course we  give you an overview and you receive advice on:

  • How to write or improve your CV and your covering letter
  • Interview tips and follow-up advice
  • How and where to seek work in France
  • Teaching in various countries around the world
Trainee course feedback sessions
feedbackThere are two trainee feedback sessions: one in the middle of week 2 and the other at the end of the course. These sessions are aimed at giving trainees the opportunity to provide feedback on the course (programme, location, organization, accommodation, etc. )

We welcome your open and honest comments. Your feedback enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our courses.

Outside of these two scheduled sessions, please feel free to provide the Course Manager with any other comment you may wish to make